Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Guide

Sole representative of an overseas business

At OTB Legal we are committed to providing the best practical legal advice online. Today we have released the latest of our legal guides which gives you everything you need to know about applying for a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa.

OTB Legal Director, Sally McEwen has written the guide which covers 

  • The basic requirements
  • Documents you will need
  • How to apply
  • How much it costs
  • Success rates
  • Professional tips
  • An illustrative case study
"The visa itself is the most flexible in terms of what you can do when you are in the UK.  You can be employed or self-employed, work for any employer and take up employment in any sector at any level without seeking permission from the Home Office. When you come to apply for settlement or an extension, you will have to show that you have worked in your field of speciality. "

If you are considering applying for a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa then we have the lawyers, guides and further information available for you. These are all available today with zero cost and no obligation to use our services.

Access the free guide as well as learn more about our fees for applying for a Representative of a Overseas Business Visa by following the link below:

Right to Work. Is your business at risk?

Right to work documents

400% increase in Home Office issued fines shows importance of Right to Work checks.

The latest Home Office report confirms that £7.8 million in civil penalties was issued to businesses employing individuals who do not have the right to work in the UK or are working in breach of their conditions of stay over a 2 month period (between 1 October 2018 and 31 December 2018).

The most common reason provided for the issue of a civil penalty was due to employers failing to conduct the necessary Right to Work checks and failing to retain the required documents.

Businesses issued with civil penalties can face a number of serious consequences including having to pay £20k per illegal worker, criminal sanctions, disqualification of company directors, loss of PBS sponsor licence and reputation harm due to the Home Office publicising the names of the businesses who have been issued civil penalties.

Businesses that receive a Civil Penalty Notice from the Home Office may consider challenging the same to limit the impacts on the business. Legal advice should be sought immediately on the merits of challenging the penalty as there is a 28 day deadline to respond to the notice.

Putting in place preventative measures is the most effective way for businesses to avoid civil penalties and here at OTB Legal we can advise and assist businesses with the Right to Work checks to ensure that you are compliant.

If your business has been issued with a Civil Penalty Notice, please contact us for a free, no obligation initial meeting so that we can advise you on the merits of challenging the same. We can assist you with completing your Objection Form and prepare detailed written arguments on your behalf, supported with documentary evidence, to challenge the notice.