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" Those who are facing deportation action will often be given very little information about what is happening to them in the system. They will also often be detained and not given any time limits on when that detention will carry on to.

We can provide you with advice on what arguments are likely to succeed, and what evidence will be needed to strengthen your appeal. We have extensive experience representing clients who are challenging deportation on family and private life grounds, asylum grounds or as an EU national. "

If you would like assistance from OTB Legal's specialists in deportation, contact us and we can start the process of advising you straight away. 

Our legal experts for challenging a deportation order

How we work - including our transparent pricing

We find that our 3 stage system of working with clients gives everyone the greatest clarity on what can be achieved, how it will happen and how much it will cost.

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Price - £0.00

Before we take on a case we always want to establish what the right kind of application is for you and this is what the Assessment Stage is all about.

We find out more about you and what you want to achieve. It is an informal discussion which can be delivered how you want it, whether that is over the phone, using video conferencing or at our easily accessible office - it is entirely your choice.

This stage is completely free and there is no obligation to take on our paid services. At the end of the Assessment Stage you will have a clear plan as to the range of applications available, the costs involved and how likely you are to get a successful outcome.

Take advantage of this free legal advice from the UK's leading immigration lawyers:

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Price - £600.00 (inc VAT)

Once we have been given the green light by you we can formally take instructions on which application type you wish to pursue. 

For a fixed fee of £600.00 (which includes VAT) you will benefit from:

  • An attendance at your place of detention (as long as this is located within 1 1/2 hours drive of our office in Nottingham - longer travel will result in a higher fee).
  • Having an experienced and specialist Immigration Lawyer advising you.
  • Discussing and agreeing the best strategy for your personal circumstances.
  • Obtaining clear written advice in plain language on the legal issues relevant to your case.
  • Receiving a detailed and tailored list of the documents that would strengthen your position.

In this stage you will gain a clear strategy on how to move things forward. Our lawyers will work with you to maximise your prospects of success. 

Once the Advice Stage is completed you have the choice of either writing to the Home Office yourself or instructing us to assist you in submitting your application. You remain fully in control of how far you progress your matter with us. In any event you will be armed with expert legal advice.

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Price - £900.00 (inc VAT)

The Application Stage is all about assisting you in challenging the deportation action that is being taken. 

During this stage the service includes:

  • The crucial review of all documents and evidence you have gathered in support of your application. Our lawyers will let you know if any documents are missing. If you have not been able to obtain certain key evidence, we will advise you on other ways of proving that you meet the requirements of the immigration rules.
  • Preparing the tailored bundle of evidence that will support your application.
  • Writing a detailed cover letter in support of the challenge explicitly stating any relevant case law and official guidance which should be considered by the Home Office if appropriate.
  • Representation all the way to the decision by the Home Office on whether to pursue deportation and advice on any further steps that are needed.

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What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Legal adviser?

They deprive my citizenship and indefinite leave. Also they refuse my parents to visit me. On top of that they refused my wife's visa.

How did Mark help you?

He helped me on everything that I asked for. He was always available at any time. Through Mark and Paragon Law I exceeded all my cases.  

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes, in all the cases which they are all in my favour.

What could they have done better? From my point of view they were better than expected.

KZ, London


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Your first chat with us will always be free, confidential and give you a clear idea of the application types which suit you best. There is no obligation to purchase any services from us but we will give you an idea as to costs and your chances of getting a successful case outcome if you decide you want to make an application. Our leading legal team are waiting to hear from you now or whenever you feel you are ready.