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Immigration health surcharge reimbursement scheme for NHS and care workers


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The immigration health surcharge reimbursement scheme for NHS and care workers

In October 2020 the Department of Health and Social Care published a declaration. Stating that overseas NHS and care workers can claim a reimbursement of the immigration health surcharge. The incentive has been introduced to make the application of NHS and care workers easier and cheaper, when seeking to work in the UK. Especially following COVID-19 whereby there was a staff shortage in this occupation.

The Immigration Health Surcharge remains one of the highest costs to applicants seeking to apply for permission to remain in the UK. Being able to obtain a reimbursement of this cost could save applicants working in the NHS and care sector a significant amount.

What is the immigration health surcharge?

The immigration health surcharge is paid by non-European economic area nationals when immigrating to the UK. This fee is paid so that the individual has access to the NHS when residing in the UK. This fee will have been paid as a single payment when applying for the visa.

Who can claim under the immigration health surcharge scheme?

Anyone holding a relevant visa, who has worked in health and social care continuously for at least 6 months since 31 March 2020. The applicant must have paid the immigration health surcharge (or have it paid by someone on their behalf) when making their visa application to work in the UK.

The applicant can also make applications for their dependants who have paid for the immigration health surcharge – this includes spouses, children under the age of 18 or children over the age of 18 who live as a dependant.

How to claim the immigration health surcharge back:

  • The application must be done online.
  • The reimbursement will be paid back in 6-month instalments only when the requirements have been met for that 6-month period.
  • There must be a new application made every 6 months.

The online application form is available to access here.

This page also provides further information about how you can go about seeking a refund of the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Requirements for making a successful claim:

  • The applicant must have worked an average of at least 16 hours per week, for the full 6 months the application is concerned with, to meet the requirements of the reimbursement.
  • The applicant must work in a profession that provides a health or social care service and they are employed by a recognised (listed under Annex A) or appropriately registered health or care provider.

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