At OTB Legal we like to do things in a different way from other law firms and this applies to how we work within our community of clients, colleagues, contacts and referrers.

We know from feedback that clients and others love the work that we do and often refer their friends and families to us. We are enormously grateful for this.

As a company we want to go beyond gratitude though and give something back to those who help us.

Our referral scheme is simple, open to anyone (not just those who have used our services before) and delivers more than just a thank you.

For every client referred to us who proceeds to our paid services (terms and  conditions apply):

1. We will pay £50 to our chosen charity on your behalf, as a thank you. Our current charity is Base51 who do amazing work and are based in Nottingham. To find out more please visit https://www.base51.org/

2. The person you have referred will receive a £50 reduction in their bill.

Send A Referral To Us

We will be unable to contact them unless the answer is Yes.

How It Works

Step 1. Ensure that you have the permission of the person you would like to refer and send over their details using the referral form above

Step 2. We will then contact the person or company you have referred and they will get a free assessment consultation with a legal expert who will assess the best way forward for them.

Step 3. If the referred person chooses to go ahead with our paid services at the Advice Package or Application Stage and they agree that they are happy with the referral arrangement, we will deduct £50 from their bill and send a £50 dontation to Base51 on your behalf as a thank you.

To speak to us about any aspect of our referral scheme please feel free to email us at [email protected] To see the full terms and conditions which apply to our referral scheme and which will apply to any referral sent to us please see below.