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Mark Lilley-Tams

Mark Lilley-Tams


" All EU nationals who have not become British must make an application for settled or pre-settled status in order to be able to continue residing in the UK. This includes EU nationals who have lived in the UK for their whole lives and includes EU nationals who have previously obtained a document certifying permanent residence.

The deadline to make an application under the EU Settlement Scheme was the 30th June 2021 for most people who were residing in the UK, however, it may be possible to apply after this deadline in certain situations. There are also other types of applications for family members based abroad, that will still be accepted after the 30th June 2021.

To find out more about how the team at OTB Legal can help you please feel free to download our useful guide which is available below"

Our legal experts for applying for EU Settled Status or EU Residence documents

How we work - including our transparent pricing

We find that our 2 stage system of working with clients gives everyone the greatest clarity on what can be achieved, how it will happen and how much it will cost.

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Price - £0.00

Before we take on a case we always want to establish what the right kind of application is for you and this is what the Assessment Stage is all about.

We find out more about you and what you want to achieve. It is an informal discussion which can be delivered how you want it, whether that is over the phone, using video conferencing or at our easily accessible office - it is entirely your choice.

This stage is completely free and there is no obligation to take on our paid services. At the end of the Assessment Stage you will have a clear plan as to the range of applications available, the costs involved and how likely you are to get a successful outcome.

Take advantage of this free legal advice from the UK's leading immigration lawyers:

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Advise and Apply

Price - £480.00 (inc 20% VAT where applicable) or £960.00 (inc 20% VAT where applicable) if the application is unusual or complex

For a fixed fee of £480.00 (which includes 20% VAT where applicable) you will benefit from:

  • An appointment to discuss the criteria and the likely outcome for you.
  • Assistance with completing the application procedure.
  • Assistance with identifying documents to upload in support of residence or family relationships where necessary.
  • Provision of an Android device to complete the application.
  • Advice on the outcome.

If the application is more complex, then the cost will be £960.00 (inc 20% VAT where applicable). We will be able to advise you at the initial assessment stage whether your application is a complex one or not. 

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We are very satisfied with how OTB Legal handled our case. Alidjana was very supportive and thorough in all the details and we received a positive response to our application very quickly. We highly recommend OTB Legal to anyone looking for immigration support in Nottingham!



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Your first chat with us will always be free, confidential and give you a clear idea of the application types which suit you best. There is no obligation to purchase any services from us but we will give you an idea as to costs and your chances of getting a successful case outcome if you decide you want to make an application. Our leading legal team are waiting to hear from you now or whenever you feel you are ready.