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Treble Award Recognition for OTB Legal
After the end of a successful launch year for OTB Legal which saw us ranked in the top 10 solicitors[...]
Challenging a decision by the Passport Office to refuse to issue a British passport
As an immigration lawyer I am used to challenging decisions by the Home Office to refuse my non-British clients permission[...]
OTB Legal Immigration Solicitors – A Review in Numbers
OTB Legal are now proudly 6 months old. We thought it would be interesting to give a review of how[...]
EU nationals should apply for Settled Status before 31 October
How applying for Settled Status can make EU nationals living in the UK better prepared on the 31st October 2019[...]
Choosing an Immigration Lawyer – 10 Questions to Ask
Choosing an immigration lawyer can be a difficult task. Once you have made the decision to get specialist help with[...]
Post-Study Options for International Students
Graduation Season is upon us, and many international students will be wondering what their Post-Study options for remaining in the[...]
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Guide
As part of OTB Legal's continued commitment to providing the best practical legal advice online we are pleased to confirm[...]
Top 3 Immigration Solicitors in Nottingham
OTB Legal are very proud to have been externally assessed and ranked as one of the top three immigration solicitors[...]
Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Guide
At OTB Legal we are committed to providing the best practical legal advice online. Today we have released the latest[...]
Right to Work. Is your business at risk?
400% increase in Home Office issued fines shows importance of Right to Work checks.The latest Home Office report confirms that[...]
Does your business employ EU nationals or their family members?
If the answer is yes, EU nationals and their family members will need to apply to the Home Office for[...]
What does the Home Office mean by this?
The UK Immigration System is well known for becoming more complicated year by year. The Immigration Rules started as 20[...]
Home Office Review their Immigration Fees
The Home Office go through a process of changing their fees every year in around April. In recent times, Home[...]
I like the UK, how can I stay here longer?
I often get asked this question by non-EU clients who have come to the UK on a temporary basis, who[...]