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Sally McEwen

Sally McEwen


"If your business has a sponsor licence then you take on additional obligations to the Home Office. Two of the most important duties are reporting relevant information about sponsored workers and ensuring that your sponsor licence is up to date.

The Home Office can carry out compliance visits with little or no advanced notice operate. They operate a ‘light trigger’ approach to non-compliance and can revoke your licence if they find that you have not complied with your duties. This can have serious consequences for your business, including the loss of essential employees.

We find that many companies, particularly around the time of Sponsor Licence renewal, like to review their systems to ensure that they remain compliant with these complex rules.

An interactive sponsor licence audit will give you peace of mind knowing that your licence is up to date. If changes are required, it is always better to make these proactively rather than waiting until the Home Office find out. It shows that you take your duties seriously and that you are taking active steps to meet them. If there are significant issues to address, then we can provide further strategic advice on how best to deal with them.

Why not talk to us about your Sponsor Licence renewal and how our SMS MOT service can give you peace of mind? 

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How we work - including our transparent pricing

We find that our 3 stage system of working with clients gives everyone the greatest clarity on what can be achieved, how it will happen and how much it will cost.

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Before we take on a case we always want to establish what the right kind of application is for you and this is what the Assess Stage is all about.

We find out more about you and what you want to achieve. It is an informal discussion which can be delivered how you want it, whether that is over the phone, using video conferencing or at our easily accessible office - it is entirely your choice.

This stage is completely free and there is no obligation to take on our paid services. At the end of the Assess Stage you will have a clear plan as to the range of applications available, the costs involved and how likely you are to get a successful outcome.

Take advantage of this free legal advice from the UK's leading immigration lawyers:

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Renewal Advice Only

£350 (plus 20% VAT)

Once we have been given the green light by you we can formally take instructions on making a renewal application for a Sponsor Licence.

For a fixed fee of £350.00 (plus 20% VAT) you will benefit from:

  • Having an experienced and specialist Immigration Lawyer advising you and really getting to know your business systems and staffing requirements.
  • Obtaining clear written advice in plain language on the legal requirements tailored to your organisation's status and requirements.

In this stage you will gain a clear step by step guide on how to renew a Sponsor Licence. Our lawyers will work with you to maximise your prospects of success on making your own Sponsor Licence Renewal application. 


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"SMS MOT" Audit including Renewal

£850 (plus 20% VAT)* 

This will include all steps in the Renewal Advice Stage PLUS:

For an agreed fee you will benefit from:

  • The crucial review of  your Sponsor Management System (SMS) and up to three sponsored employees.*
  • Our lawyers will prepare a detailed report which will detail any changes which need to be made to the Sponsor Licence and interactively walk you through making these changes.
  • We will guide you through making the Sponsor Licence Renewal application.
  • Making representations on your behalf where necessary to ensure full compliance with Sponsor Licence rules.
  • Representation all the way to the decision on your company’s Sponsor Licence Renewal and advice on any further steps that are needed.

Once the SMS Audit and Renewal stage has been completed you are able to retain our services in key personnel positions and/or compliance audit services to ensure continued compliance with your sponsorship duties.

*Additional employees are charged at £25 (+20% VAT) per person.

Want more information about this type of application?

I worked closely with OTB Legal who were helping a multi-national company carry out a sponsor licence compliance audit. I was very impressed with their comprehensive understanding of Home Office systems and procedures. More importantly, they were very easy to work with and struck an excellent balance between the constraints of the rules and pragmatism.

Jim Richardson


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Your first chat with us will always be free, confidential and give you a clear idea of the application types which suit you best. There is no obligation to purchase any services from us but we will give you an idea as to costs and your chances of getting a successful case outcome if you decide you want to make an application. Our leading legal team are waiting to hear from you now or whenever you feel you are ready.



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