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" If you are seeking to employ or already employ someone who is from outside the EU, you will need to apply for, or maintain your UK Visas and Immigration Sponsor Licence. In order to be granted a Sponsor Licence, you must demonstrate that you are a genuine business, that is offering genuine employment, and be able to demonstrate that your internal procedures are capable of carrying out your sponsorship licence obligations. Over 15% of Sponsor Licence Applications are refused.

To keep your licence, you must fulfil your obligations to UK Visas and Immigration.

At OTB Legal we have specialist lawyers who specialise in this complex area, and are committed to getting successful outcomes for applications. Our team also offer compliance audits, to ensure your company is prepared and fully compliant with your UK Visas and Immigration duties.

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Our legal experts for applying for a Sponsor Licence

How we work - including our transparent pricing

We find that our 3 stage system of working with clients gives everyone the greatest clarity on what can be achieved, how it will happen and how much it will cost.

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Investigation Stage

Price - £0.00

Before we take on a case we always want to establish what the right kind of application is for you and this is what the Investigation Stage is all about.

We find out more about you and what you want to achieve. It is an informal discussion which can be delivered how you want it, whether that is over the phone, using video conferencing or at our easily accessible office - it is entirely your choice.

This stage is completely free and there is no obligation to take on our paid services. At the end of the Investigation Stage you will have a clear plan as to the range of applications available, the costs involved and how likely you are to get a successful outcome.

Take advantage of this free legal advice from the UK's leading immigration lawyers:

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Applying for a Sponsor Licence

Price - Estimate based on company of 20 employees (non-subsidiary) - £2400.00 (plus VAT)

Once we have been given the green light by you we can formally progress your company's application for a sponsor licence.

For an agreed fee you will benefit from:

  • Having an experienced and specialist Immigration Lawyer advising you.
  • Discussing and agreeing which type of licence your business requires.
  • Obtaining clear written advice in plain language on key personnel requirements.
  • A review of your Human Resource Management Systems that will monitor sponsored employees to ensure compliance.
  • Receiving a detailed and tailored list of the documents to be submitted in support of your application.

At this stage we will submit your application for a Sponsor Licence. Our lawyers will work with you to maximise your prospects of success.

Once this application stage has been completed you are able to retain our services in key personnel positions and/or compliance audit services to ensure continued compliance with your sponsorship duties.

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Compliance Audit - Immigration HR Systems

Price - Estimate based on company of 20 employees (non-subsidiary) - £1,680.00 (plus VAT) plus Travel

UK Visas and Immigration Sponsor Licences transfer responsibility for selecting and employing migrants to the sponsor licence holder. As a sponsor, employers have a duty to ensure that procedures are in place to ensure compliance with the Sponsor Licence duties.

UK Visas and Immigration place significant weight on the importance of trust in the operation of the sponsorship system. As such they have measures in place to ensure that licence holders are complying with their duties, and issue penalties for sponsors who do not comply. Penalties can be enforced for a range of breaches with varying degrees of consequences; from your licence being suspended, revoked or downgraded, or a limit placed on the number of Certificates of Sponsorship you can assign. Suspension from the Sponsor Management System, a downgrade or revocation may have serious implications for your business.

We can audit your HR systems and provide advice on complying with your obligations. Our service includes:

  • The crucial review of all Human Resource Procedures.
  • Review of employee documents to ensure continued compliance with your sponsor licence duties. Advice on, and assistance with, UKVI compliance interviews.
  • Review of key personnel, and whether your current licence is the appropriate one for your business.
  • Our lawyers will let you know if any documents are missing or if your procedures need to be tightened in light of frequently changing immigration rules.

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