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Business Immigration Lawyer - Free Consultation

Our Business Immigration Team assists with Sponsor Licences Applications and Renewals, Skilled Worker Visas, Global Talent and more...

Immigration lawyer free consultation

Personal Immigration Lawyer - Free Consultation

Our Personal Immigration Team assists with Spouse Visas, Visit Visas, British Citizenship, Naturalisation, Parent and Child Visas and more...

Personal immigration lawyer free consultation
Immigration Lawyer Birmingham
Immigration Lawyer Birmingham


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  • A no obligation, professional, FREE conversation with a friendly and experienced lawyer

  • An honest assessment of options open to you and your prospects of a successful case outcome

  • clear plan and transparent quote of how to proceed with your immigration case

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    Can I get free legal advice for immigration?

    Yes. At OTB Legal our lawyers are passionate about giving as many people as possible an immigration lawyer free consultation to enable them to have a clear and honest assessment of their potential routes through immigration rules.

    How can I schedule my free initial consultation?

    There are a number of ways to schedule your immigration lawyer free consultation. You can book with a  lawyer of your choice at a convenient time for you through our website or, if you would prefer, you can call us (hyperlink to phone) or send us a message and we will sort this for you.

    Why should I choose OTB Legal for my free consultation?

    At OTB Legal we are proud to be listed as the leading immigration lawyers in the UK. Our immigration law free consultations give you an honest assessment of your case from a friendly and knowledgeable lawyer with experience in your specific case type.

    How do I know which lawyer to choose for my immigration law free consultation?

    Our lawyers specialise in certain areas of immigration law – they are not generalists as many lawyers are. When booking your initial consultation you will see the area they specialise in and we would recommend matching your case type with a lawyer who also specialises in that area. If you are unsure which lawyer you need to choose, you can contact us directly and we can point you in the right direction. If you choose a meeting with a lawyer who does not specialise in your case type, please don’t worry. All bookings are reviewed before being confirmed and our Client Experience Lead will move the appointment to another lawyer if this is appropriate.

    When will I be charged for immigration advice?

    You will never be charged for the immigration lawyer free consultation. We will always be transparent with future fees being agreed with you well in advance of chargeable work being carried out. Our initial consultation will clearly set out our costs, any Home Office application fees which may apply plus another costs which may apply to you in a clear way which puts you in control of when chargeable work starts for you.

    OTB Legal Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation