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October 16

Meet the Team – Lydia Watkinson


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As our team at OTB Legal expands we would like to introduce you to a new member of our legal team, Lydia Watkinson, who joined our personal immigration team in August 2020. We asked her a few questions to find out more about Lydia as a person and not just as a solicitor:

  • Tell us a little bit about your background and why you decided to work in immigration law.
  • I chose immigration because it’s a challenging and fast changing area of law. Before working in Immigration law I spent 8 years practicing as an Employment Solicitor. Like employment law, immigration law is highly political.

  • What attracted you to OTB Legal?
  • The lawyers at OTB are highly specialist in this area law and have a huge wealth of experience. I like to know that I am working with a team that provides really high quality advice.

  • What will you be doing at OTB Legal?
  • At OTB I will be representing clients in applications relating to their family relationships and human rights. I am also really interested in helping clients with the new BNO visa for Hong Kong residents.

  • If you could change one thing about immigration law or procedure what would it be?
  • The financial requirements for a partner visa. We have one of the least family friendly immigration systems in the world. The rules force families to live apart. It also punishes people who do important but low paid work. A British national could work full time in a key worker role such as a care worker, and not earn enough for their spouse to live with them in the UK.

  • What are you passionate about outside the work?
  • I love my garden and can happily potter in it for hours.

  • Outside the box (OTB) question - if you could choose a superpower what would it be and why?
  • Flying. It would save so much time.

    Lydia Watkinson

    Lydia can be contacted at [email protected] and via telephone at 0115 850 1823.

    To schedule a free initial consultation with Lydia please click below:

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