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November 28

Reporting Requirements Webinar


OTB Legal

Sponsor Duties Webinar : Reporting Requirements

On Friday 25th November 2022, OTB Legal's Business Immigration team hosted their second webinar. With over 270 businesses reserving their space, the event turnout was a huge success.

The event delivered a clear and concise overview for the reporting requirements of a Sponsor Licence holder.

With over 40 minutes of live Q+A after the main content, the team did their best to squeeze in everyone’s questions and answer as many as possible on the topic, even branching out to other generalised Sponsor Licence questions.

Reporting Requirement Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • What the reporting obligations to the Home Office are
  • The timescale duties need to be made
  • Any evidence that might be required
  • Where to make the report on the system
  • Time allocated for a live Q+A at the end of the talk

A message from the Business Immigration Webinar Team:

"Thank you to all those who came along, to the second webinar from OTB Legal. As mentioned, our services are adaptable to most cases. For those of you with more in depth questions or queries we recommend you book in for a free initial consultation with a member of the team. Here we can guide you towards the next steps and get you on track with your sponsor licence. We hope to see you again in any future webinars." - OTB Legal Business Team.

For those who would like further questions answered or would like some individual advice we would like to remind you that you can schedule a free consultation with our industry leading lawyers below.

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Looking for more?

If you enjoyed this Webinar, check out our other Webinar on Sponsor Management Systems: Understanding your Duties as a Licence Holder.

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