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March 16

Sponsoring Overseas Care Workers


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Recruiting Care Workers from overseas

Care Workers and Senior care workers are both on the shortage occupation list making it easier for care homes and domiciliary care providers to recruit from overseas.

What is the process for sponsoring senior care workers from overseas?

In order to sponsor care workers from overseas, the first stage is for the business to apply for a sponsor licence.

Before making an application for a sponsor licence, there needs to be a clear plan in place to ensure that the immigration compliance systems are up to standard and that all the documentation required in support of the application is gathered. It is recommend that legal advice is sought before applying to ensure that the application is prepared well and is not refused by the Home Office. There is a cooling off period of 6 months if an application is refused which means that 6 months must pass before a new application can be made.

To find out more about the service that we offer then please visit our ‘Apply for a Sponsor Licence’ page which gives you details of the stages involved and the likely costs.

Once the business has a sponsor licence, they can assign a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ to the care worker.

The worker can then apply for their Health and Social Care visa.

Visa requirements for Care workers

All care workers must be able to show that they have the level of English language skills required by the Home Office.

All care workers must show that they have enough money to support themselves and any family members for their first month in the UK.

All care workers must obtain criminal record certificates for any country where they have lived for 12 months or more.

What is the minimum salary for sponsoring a senior care worker from overseas?

With the senior care workers being added to the shortage occupation list, the salary threshold is now £20,480 rather than £25,600.

Whilst 54% of full time employees in this occupation in the UK earn less than the salary threshold, it is nevertheless hoped that the reduction in the salary threshold will allow employment of migrants.

Importance of obtaining immigration advice 

Sponsoring workers from overseas is a complex process involving a number of stages, all of which have to be successful, before a worker can come to the UK to start work. Having legal assistance ensures that all the stages are successful and that there are sufficient compliance systems in place to minimise the risk of the sponsor licence being cancelled, the company being fined and the immigration status of sponsored workers being cancelled.

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