Sponsor Licence Guidance Updates being presented by OTB Legal

April 24

Sponsor Licence Guidance Updates Webinar


OTB Legal

Sponsor Licence Guidance Updates Webinar 

On Friday 21st April 2023, OTB Legal's Business Immigration team hosted their third webinar. With business representatives from all over the country attending.

The team delivered a clear and detailed update on the latest Sponsor Licence Guidance. 

Topics Covered in the Sponsor Licence Guidance Updates Webinar:

  • Changes to immigration rules
  • Changes to sponsor guidance
  • Mostly changes applying to sponsors of skilled workers and Global Mobility workers
  • Most important changes- not minor drafting amendments

A message from the Business Immigration Webinar Team:

"Thank you to all those who came along to our most recent webinar! As mentioned, our services are adaptable to most cases. For those of you with specific questions we recommend you book in for a free initial consultation with a member of the team. We hope to see you again in any future webinars." - OTB Legal Business Team.

For those who would like further questions answered or would like some individual advice we would like to remind you that you can schedule a free consultation with our industry leading lawyers below.

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If you enjoyed this Webinar, check out our other Webinar on Sponsor Management Systems: Understanding your Duties as a Licence Holder.

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