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March 1

The Ultimate Sponsor Licence Guide


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We've compiled all of the useful resources we've shared throughout 2022 to create this comprehensive "all you need to know" about the process of applying for, renewing, and holding a sponsor licence as an employer.

January - FREE comprehensive Sponsor Licence Management Guide

A free guide on managing and renewing a sponsor licence includes advice on duties you have, how to manage issues, professional tips and a case study.

March - Certificate of Sponsorship Allocation Renewal Tips

Certificate of Sponsorship allocation about to expire? Not sure what you need to do? This blog is designed to explain what is going on and what you need to do about it.

April - 5 Key Duties for Sponsor Licence Holders

If your organisation gets a sponsor licence, this comes with a number of extra responsibilities. Once you get your licence, and your sponsored employee starts work, it is easy for these ongoing issues to be forgotten.

June - Sponsor Licence Duties Webinar + Q&A

Don't fancy reading an article? In June we hosted our first ever webinar, where our experienced Immigration Solicitors walked through your key responsibilities as a sponsor licence holder, with an interactive Q&A!

July - Common Problems for Sponsor Licence Holders & How to solve

In this article, we focus on three problems for sponsor licence holders that we see in practice and how to deal with them when they arise. We also suggest easy steps you can take to reduce the risk of them happening in the first place.

August - Sponsor Licence Frequently Questions

The questions that we as immigration lawyers are most frequently asked about being a registered sponsor. The focus of the questions we will consider are for those companies who already hold a UKVI sponsor licence.

October - Certificates of Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions 

If you wish to sponsor a skilled worker, you must assign them a certificate of sponsorship. It is important that you have an understanding of the differences between the two types of certificates for skilled workers. If you assign the wrong type of certificate, your licence can be revoked.

November - Sponsor Duties Webinar: Reporting Requirements + Q&A 

Couldn't make the webinar? Don't worry, we've uploaded the recording here, including a live Q&A covering some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to sponsor licence reporting.

Help with your Sponsor Licence

If you would like to find out more about our help with Sponsorship Certificates, then please schedule a free consultation with one of our business immigration lawyers, by replying to this email, or by clicking the button below:

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